New Photos (2008) of the Tobruk Fig Tree (Karmust Agweder Maryami)
World War II   Libya WWII

General Suleiman Mahmoud Obeidi at the Fig Tree in February 2009
This Famous WorldWar II Site is where the wounded were taken for first aid service back from the front lines in the Tobrouk siege prior to being transported to the hospitals in town.

شجرة التين . يوجد كهف تحت الشجرة . وهى تقع فى جنوب شرق طبرق على مسافة 15 كم . استخدمت فى مرحلة حصار طبرق كمركز إسعاف متقدم للفرقة التاسعة الأسترالية.تسمى محلياً ( كرموسة اقويدر المريمى).

The fig tree , 15 km  South east of Tobruk. There is a cave under the tree. It was used by the famous 9th Australian Division, as  an advance first aid center, in the Tobruk siege of 1941. Local name is : Karmust Agweder Maryami.

Fig Tree  Photo 2008
شجرة التين .